“I don’t want a divorce but my spouse has filed a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. What can I do to stop the divorce process?”

“We both want a divorce, and agree about custody and visitation, but don’t agree on what to do with our home, can my spouse force a sale?”

“My spouse and I have been separated for over a year. We have divided our property and are in agreement about custody. My spouse is now demanding half of my retirement savings. Since my spouse chose not to participate in his/her retirement savings plan do I have to share my pension/retirement benefits?”

Every divorce case is resolved with either an agreement between the parties or by a hearing/trial on the disputed issue(s). In many cases the parties agree that they want a divorce but disagree on many, if not all, other issues. Even if you and your spouse agree on most issues, one unresolved issue may lead to expensive and time consuming litigation. As your advocate Julie will work with you to determine your goals and develop reasonable expectations given your personal situation and the law so as to limit the issues that require litigation. She will discuss options for resolution that are well reasoned and equitable and therefore more likely to lead to a settlement. If your case can not be resolved after reasonable attempts at negotiation, preparation for litigation will be key. Julie will guide you through the process of discovery, which is the exchange of information and documents that will form the basis for the introduction of testimony and exhibits at trial/hearing. You will receive detailed assistance and instruction at every step of the litigation.

Communication between you and your attorney will define your relationship. If you can’t reach your attorney, if she doesn’t return your calls or respond to your emails, if you don’t know when your next court date is or whether you are required to appear, there has been a failure of communication that will likely negatively impact your case. Communication is key at the Law Offices of Julie Katz. Julie will keep you advised of the status of your case at all times, providing both oral and written updates and information about the next steps.